CongoEats Business App

Download our free CongoEats business app. With this app you can manage your registered restaurant. Accept new orders, view in-depth analytics, update your menu and more on-the- go via your smartphone.

Functionalities of the CongoEats Business App

Receive orders

Business App Feature

Orders to your restaurant placed on the CongoEats app will be delivered directly to your business app, in real-time. You can accept or decline orders.

Receive Reservations

Business App Feature

CongoEats customers have the ability to make reservations at their favorite restaurants via our app. You will get a notification of the reservation, in real- time.

Customer Updates

Business App Feature

With your business app you will be able to send a push notification to the customer informing them of the progress of their order, from preparation to completion.

Login Credentials

Business App Feature

Each restaurant that downloads the business app will receive their own login credentials. Once logged in, you will have access to all the functionalities of the business app.

In-depth analytics

Business App Feature

Performance reports will be available on a day-to- day, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. With this information you can better plan your marketing strategy.

Keep your profile and menu fresh

Business App Feature

On the CongoEats business app you have the ability to keep your own profile updated with immediate effect. This functionality will eliminate any down-time in regards to a change in business hours, gallery images or menu items.

View Reviews

Business App Feature

You will be notified when a customer has reviewed your restaurant. Whether you have received a good or bad review, you will be better informed on how to manage certain meals or promotions in future.

Promotional codes

Business App Feature

You are encouraged to create monthly or seasonal promotions to reward returning customers and to ensure you are appealing to potential customers.

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